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Welcome to DISTORTION.  We are a casual, Cenarius-based World of Warcraft guild that emphasizes teamwork, tactics, and above all else, fun.  If you're looking for a no-nonsense guild that clears endgame content and has a blast doing it, head over to our Recruiting forum to apply.  We are focusing on a solid core for Cataclysm endgame content.  We like to do the hard stuff, so Distortion is not for the feint of heart - or for people who don't like to wipe in Hard Modes.

ICC10 [Normal] 12/12
ICC10 [Hard] - 6/12
ICC25 [Normal] 8/12 (Only thing holding us back is more raiders.)
RS10 [Normal] - 4/4
RS25 [Normal] -4/4

Congratulations, DISTORTION, on your Lich King and Halion kills!  Keep up the great work!
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Lich King gets beat down by Distortion again!

Mason09, Aug 4, 10 2:52 AM.

Grats on your Lich King kill guys! Many more to come! 

A Good Night Fer Killin' - Halion and LK down!

terendol, Jul 6, 10 3:10 AM.
In a night of asskicking badassery, DISTORTION had Arfas and Halion on the hit list:

Pictured, from right to left: Kaydennce (guest), Ventus, Maddys (guest), Butmo, Florna, Vengnce, Priestlly (guest), Shanik (guest), Explozer.

Pictured, from right to left: Priestlly (guest), Explozer, Annasia, Florna, Ventus, Kaylanni, Caerra (guest), Nicholo, Vengnce, Dakata (Butmo, in a badass display of tanking).

Great work, DISTORTION.  Let's take our unique blend of Chill and Business to 25-Man and 10 Hardmodes.



explozer, Jul 5, 10 2:33 AM.
All epic cuts and meta cuts are now available during non-raid times by xploser(explozer). The full collection is complete now.

[Achievements] Explozer gets The Loremaster!

terendol, Jul 3, 10 10:24 AM.
Explozer just earned The Loremaster (Achievement) late Friday night.  Congrats man!  You definitely are a hard worker and completionist!  Nice work!


New Ventrilo Server!

terendol, Jul 3, 10 1:07 AM.
Yep!  Guild has a new Ventrilo with a higher capacity.  No more killing music bots on Sunday!  Get the new info from an Officer (or the guild information tab).  

Use discretion in inviting your pugs into Vent.  VENT IS A HAPPY HOME and the Officers work hard to keep it that way.  If any problems arise, every Officer is also a Ventrilo Admin to deal with jackassery quickly and decisively.  

Enjoy and Happy Gaming.

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